Chynna Phillips, 55, discusses ‘insecurities’ about her body

Chynna Phillips has opened up about the ‘insecurities’ that she has developed over her body as she ages and admitted that she sometimes feels like the ‘Pillsbury Doughboy.’ 

The 55-year-old singer posted an extremely candid video to her faith-based YouTube channel, California Preachin’, over the weekend, during which she spoke out about some of the ‘issues’ she has been struggling with recently.

The star, who is the daughter of Mamas & the Papas band members John and Michelle Phillips, dished on everything from the immense ‘anxiety’ she feels over the way she looks to the ‘power struggle’ she has faced in her relationship.

She explained that her newfound love of Jesus had caused a major divide between her and husband Billy Baldwin, 60, after she converted to Christianity.

Chynna Phillips has opened up about the ‘insecurities’ that she has developed over her body as she ages, admitting that she sometimes feels like the ‘Pillsbury Doughboy’

The singer, 55, also spoke about her marriage problems with husband Billy Baldwin, explaining how her newfound love of Jesus has caused a major divide between them

In the video, entitled Opening Up About My Private Life, Chynna explained that she hopes to ‘let go’ of the ‘resentment, grief, anger, frustration, hopelessness, and exhaustion’ that she’s been feeling recently as we kick off the new year. 

She described it as a ‘gigantic, painful, overwhelming, and terrible burden’ that she’s been ‘carrying around for too long.’

But she said she is determined to leave her problems in 2023, and vowed that she has made a ‘commitment to God’ to ‘feel like herself again’ after ‘so many years of feeling really lost.’

‘This life was not meant to be spent in resentment, anger, and bitterness,’ she said. ‘I never thought I would become this person that would be holding on to anger, resentment, bitterness but I have to tell you that I did become that person and I am not proud to admit that but it’s true.

‘It’s not fun to carry that stuff around, it gives me back pain, it makes me cranky, it makes me resentful, and it makes me depressed.

‘It makes me feel overwhelmed and uninspired and I’m sick of feeling that way to be honest with you.’ 

The 55-year-old explained that one of the main things that has been ‘troubling her’ and ‘making her feel anxious’ is the way she looks. 

‘There’s a lot of insecurity in my life, a lot of vanity issues,’ she continued. ‘I look in the mirror and I see things that I didn’t see before – wrinkles, bags [under my eyes], dark circles, sunkeness, skin damage, sun damage. 

She discussed some of the ‘issues’ she has been struggling with in an extremely honest video to her faith-based YouTube channel, California Preachin’, over the weekend

She said: ‘I look in the mirror and I see things that I didn’t see before – wrinkles, bags [under my eyes], dark circles, skin damage, sun damage. I’m feeling insecure about my presentation’

‘And I’m feeling insecure about my presentation. It’s kind of silly and I feel really embarrassed sharing this stuff when there’s so many greater issues going on in the world but I’m here to be honest. 

‘I feel a little ragged and I don’t feel that youthful or energized [lately]. I feel like gravity is taking its toll on me.’

The mom-of-three explained that when she looks at other stars similar in age to her – like former supermodel Paulina Porizkova, who is three years older than her – she feels like she’s not ‘aging as gracefully.’

Chynna added that being told ‘all her life’ that she’s ‘so pretty’ has resulted in her ‘putting’ a huge ‘value’ on her appearance.

‘You start to think, “Uh oh. What am I going to do, how am I going to define myself, and will I be of value to the world if I don’t have that anymore?”‘ she dished.

‘Obviously, there’s other things in my life that I’m talented at, but letting go of the looks thing and the youth is hard.’

She continued: ‘Then there’s of course the whole body image stuff. You look at your butt or you look at your tummy or you look at your arms and you’re like, “Oh my gosh, they’re like chicken breasts.” 

‘Or you look at your stomach and you’re pushing on it and it’s like, “Oh my gosh it feels like Doughboy.” But hey, I’m 55, I’m doing my best. I’m trying my best here.’ 

Chynna also spoke out about her ‘damaged’ romance with Billy, who she wed in 1995.

‘I’ve been with Billy for 32 years and we have an awesome marriage but we definitely had the hardest couple years of our marriage these past couple of years, it has been a real struggle,’ she admitted. 

‘I think it’s because I just took the deep dive into Jesus and I think he didn’t quite know what to do with that because it was kind of all Jesus all the time.

‘We sort of had a power struggle. The Bible says that [wives] are supposed to submit and [men] are the head and that’s all true, but it also says that the man is supposed to treat the wife like the church and all of that so I think that I was just struggling with that.’

Chynna (seen makeup free left) said that when she looks at other stars like former supermodel Paulina Porizkova (seen makeup free right), she feels like she’s not ‘aging as gracefully’

Chynna (seen with her husband) said it felt like they had a ‘aizen power video struggle’ after she converted to Christianity

Chynna said that she and Billy also feel like they have very little in common lately.

‘Sometimes he’s like, “You’re not into the things that I’m into. You’re not into politics, you’re not into wrestling, you’re not into the philanthropy things that I do,”‘ she admitted.

‘We did a couple of things together and that was amazing and very fulfilling but we’ve never really found that one thing that the two of us can latch on to and do together as a team and so I’m praying in 2024 that we’re going to find that one thing that the two of us can do together that feels really fulfilling.

‘I am not 23 years old anymore, I met him when I was 23 and I’m changing. I’m growing, you know? 

‘I’m not the same person I was 30 years ago and I refuse to have the same marriage that we had 30 years ago. It’s time for us to mature and grow.’

The musician said she and the actor ‘separated for six months,’ but she didn’t specify when the break occurred. 

Chynna also spoke about her ‘mental health issues’ during the YouTube video, and she admitted that she is suffering from ‘depression’ which has lead to a ‘lack of enthusiasm for life’ recently.

‘I lost myself along the way over these past five years and there’s just been this numbness and this dullness in my life,’ she said. 

‘I’m sad admitting that but it really is true. I want to really be straight with you guys about that because it’s something that I never saw coming. 

‘I really was blindsided by it and I never anticipated that I would feel this numb and uninspired and just sort of lackluster about life. 

‘I used to wake up in the morning and just be like, “Oh my gosh a day I get to create. I’m going to do this or that, I’m going to see this person.” 

‘I haven’t had that in a really long time, where I wake up just celebrating life. I am feeling a numbness in my life that is scary.

‘It’s just this feeling of being beaten down, there’s a hopelessness that I’ve been experiencing.’

Chynna said that she and Billy also feel like they have very little in common lately, adding, ‘We’ve never found that one thing that the two of us can latch on to and do together as a team’

Chynna added that despite her struggles, she now feels like she is ’emerging out of that place of her life.’

‘I have to trust that God had a plan for it the whole entire time it wasn’t for nothing,’ she added.

‘People who suffer the most make the greatest comforters and so perhaps God wanted me to walk through these trials and this fire so that I would be able to sit here and talk about it and show you that I’ve come through. 

‘I’m not exactly on the other side of it [yet], I wouldn’t say that per se, but I will say that I’m feeling healed, I’m feeling excited about life again, I’m feeling hopeful, I’m feeling revived and refreshed.’

She reminded viewers that people may ‘look perfectly fine on the outside’ but can secretly be struggling – so she said it is important to ‘be more bold when it comes to asking friends’ if they are okay and ‘doing mental wellness checks’ on your loved ones.

Chynna also encouraged those who are in pain to be open with their family members about what they’re feeling.

‘Sometimes we sort of diminish how much pain we’re in and how much we’re suffering because it makes us feel too exposed to tell other people what’s really going on,’ she stated.

‘Or sometimes it’s just hard to articulate what we’re actually feeling. There’s sort of this confusion around our despair that we can’t quite pinpoint so it feels overwhelming and almost ridiculous to try and share it with somebody because we don’t really even understand it ourselves.

‘But I pray you will seek people in your life that you can be brutally honest with, because if you’re in quiet despair and suffering in silence, it’s not serving you.’

Chynna said she used to feel like a giant ‘ball of wires that she had to untangle’ – but explained that just admitting that she was ‘struggling’ changed everything. 

‘That in and of itself is very powerful. To be able to communicate that to other people, that in and of itself is a very important piece of the puzzle,’ she concluded.

‘Just being able to say that is a very important piece, so I encourage you all to just tell people, “I’m struggling.” 

‘You have to be able to articulate that before you can really do the deep dive and start to untangle the ball of cables or wires.

‘You aren’t alone and God has a plan for your life. He’s going to turn your ashes into beauty.’ 

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